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March 6, 2008

Shouldn’t be our life like this?

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A lot of times we are asking ourselves, ‘Why is so-and-so are so rich now? I remember he was a jerk back in school days? Yeah…he’s just lucky to get that mega project’

All of us wish to be rich, want to be someone stand up high, commanding a high profile lifestyle. Well, all those could be only ‘wish’. One reason why there is lesser than 5% of world total population are consider as wealthy is because they ‘wish’. According to research, yearly income of USD1mil is consider wealthy :O. Taking action is the only way to get better chance of success.

Below is a video that I found on YouTube. The video summaries as

Internet marketing success depends on many factors, not the least of which is your own attitude. Here Internet marketing mentor Doug Champigny tells how one small attitude adjustment can make a big difference to your Internet Marketing success!

Pay special attention at minute 01:20. Enjoy!


March 5, 2008

Choosing a Name for Domain

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As I am now setting up my domain and web hosting, one immediate thing come into my mind would be choosing a name for my domain.

This brings me back to about 6 years ago before my daughter was born. The thought of giving a name to my daughter is rather fun; yet a very important task for parents. A lot of factors have to be taken into consideration, e.g.

· what could the name be when shorten to

· would it be too easy for other kids to create a funny nickname out of it

· how would others pronounce it, easy to or rather more tongue-twisted

· who else has that name

and so many ways to make the decision. Still most important, does this name carries any significant meaning into her name and her future undertakings.

Choosing a name for your domain, I think, is not that as fussy as choosing one’s name. However, there are still some factors need to be taken care of.

Goals and Objectives
When someone starting to blog, there will be a motive behind this blog. Is it for the leisure and interest, addressing social and political issue, tech news, or for Making Money Online etc etc. You wouldn’t want to create a domain name, e.g. to talk about IT Tech news, would you? Thus domain name should try, at least try, to reflect its purpose of the website / blog. By doing this, search engine are most likely to spider up your post and pages much faster.

Which audience are you targeting with? They may be professional, young adults, teens, IT geeks. Or even new gadget users or advance software’s developers. You must then decide the domain name you choose well fitted into your audience.

To include keywords into your domain name would immediately incorporate the idea into readers’ mind that this blog is all about. for example, people would know this site is meant for blogger to blog. You would definitely not find a cooking recipe here. However to include keywords would sometime do disaster rather than good in long run. Say I am now started off with with the intention of blogging about kitchen furniture and designs. But few months down the road, I started to realize that some posts are more well-received by readers, say Recipes. It is more difficult for me to switch the whole blog into talking about recipes only, as the domain name suggests. This ‘only-recipes’ blog would turn away potential readers who are interested on kitchen furniture and fitting.

Easy to Remember and Name Length
Technically, you can have one name with up to 67 characters in it but I would not recommend anyone to stretch that far in your URL. Moreover, the longer the name, the most tendency of typo-error happens. This would be ‘the’ least things you want to see it happens, ‘Readers Cannot Find You!’. Most important point is easy to remember, even without a bookmark, you can type in the URL with ease. Then readers can tell others to go to your blog with much easier way, instead of a mouth-full way.

Dot what?
A lot of us equal internet with .com. In fact there are several others Top Level Domain (TLD), i.e. .com, .net, .org, .gov etc. As most of the government using .gov and non-profit-organization would use .org, business purpose websites will choose .com and .net as TLD for their businesses. So as a first choice, I would recommend to always choose .com, with derivatives in domain names. Domain name ended with .net would be a secondary choice.

Whether one blog is successful or not, do not solely relies on whether you have a catchy or totally lousy name. But one ‘easy to remember’ and ‘typing-friendly’ domain name would certainly helps in one way or another.


Why blog here in

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Some of you may ask, since wanted to make money online, why blog at a free blog site such as

When someone really wants to make money by blogging, I recommend blogger should buy a domain name, host it with web hosting company. There are several reasons behind this rational of owning a domain.

Absolute control on your website or blog
Hosting your blog in free service blog site such as or, some features cannot be use in such blog sites. For example,, in their FAQ clearly stated that they strictly imposed condition like this:

  • Adsense, Yahoo, Chitika and other ads are not permitted
  • Sponsored / Paid posts including PayPerPost and ReviewMe are not permitted
  • Sponsored / Paid link are not permitted
  • Text ads are not permitted

Presenting a professional look
Owning a domain giving an impression to readers that the blog owner is seriously into blogging. Same thinking applies to advertisers; they will take you a lot more seriously. Some ad networks do not even accept a site without its own identity, i.e. own domain name.

Traffic and readership
It is always better to get a domain name right at the beginning of your online career. If you started off with free blog site, after building up your blog with great contents, readership goes up, getting tons of backlinks, PageRank, Alexa standing, referrals etc etc, then only move to a own domain and hosting, all these work will go down to drain. You have to start all over again to pull in traffics. Ouch!!!

What I am doing here is to try-out the blogging experience, at this same time I am searching and comparing several web hosting packages. So I will move on to my own domain very soon.

March 3, 2008

Sharing info on Makes Money Online

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About a year ago, I got to know there is such thing on Internet Marketing and makes money online. All this while I always surf net to forums on cars, chatting, checking emails and that’s about it. Never did I think of internet can actually makes money for anyone except those webmasters, dot com companies, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft etc. Never cross my mind that someone like you and me can benefit from this internet boom and monetize and makes real money.

This really curious me and makes me starting to read more and more into this related topics. Forums, blogs, sales letters, free courses etc are my main sites I visit almost everyday. However, no matter how much I read, I still do not really sit down and start cracking my minds and place enough emphasis on trying to makes money online.

Not until recently that some local talented people start to share their online income that makes really made up my mind into ‘Making Money Online’.

One classic example is 17 year old kid from my country actually making RM10,000 (USD3000+/-) online in January 2008, by selling eBook. Amazing! While friends or kids at that age are mostly still asking for money from parents, he’s not only supporting himself through hard work online by making money online, he can even support himself to University in future, if he wishes to go on to U. An average bank manager can’t even get half of that amount…

So now what I wanted to do is: since I had study & research on making money online, so might as well I start my own blog or website to monetize from Google Adsense, Text Link Ads, and Private Ads etc etc. And at the same time I share all this info to anyone who is also interested in this arena. Even though I have not made a single dime from Internet as yet because I am still learning to use all those widgets etc, I strongly believe in ‘Sharing is the best way to learn’.

Blog at