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March 6, 2008

Shouldn’t be our life like this?

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A lot of times we are asking ourselves, ‘Why is so-and-so are so rich now? I remember he was a jerk back in school days? Yeah…he’s just lucky to get that mega project’

All of us wish to be rich, want to be someone stand up high, commanding a high profile lifestyle. Well, all those could be only ‘wish’. One reason why there is lesser than 5% of world total population are consider as wealthy is because they ‘wish’. According to research, yearly income of USD1mil is consider wealthy :O. Taking action is the only way to get better chance of success.

Below is a video that I found on YouTube. The video summaries as

Internet marketing success depends on many factors, not the least of which is your own attitude. Here Internet marketing mentor Doug Champigny tells how one small attitude adjustment can make a big difference to your Internet Marketing success!

Pay special attention at minute 01:20. Enjoy!


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